The constitution of the Cardinals Supporters Society can be found here.

The proposed articles can be viewed here.


Action Plan

One of the first pieces of work the Trust undertook after the AGM was to draw up and agree a simple Action Plan that sets out some objectives for the next couple of years. The document itself is now available to view below so please take time to have a look at it.

If you have any questions or comments we’re always happy to hear from Trust members.

Action Plan for 2014-15: cards-trust-action-plan.pdf.


Role Descriptions


Vice Chair



Boost The Budget Co-ordinator

Communications Co-ordinator

Fund Raising Co-ordinator

Trust Representative to the Football Club Board


AGM Minutes

2013: AGM-minutes-2013.pdf

2014: Cards Trust AGM – Minutes 2014-11-20

2015: Cards Trust AGM – Minutes 2015-11-03

2016: Cards Trust AGM – Minutes 2016-11-02

2017: Cards Trust AGM – Minutes 2017-11-08