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Cards Trust AGM Minutes

Brian Caffarey - 9th September 2011

Cards Trust AGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM held on Monday 5 September 2011 in the Cardinals’ Bar, Woking FC


1. Apologies were received from Frances Lippiatt, Angela Norman and David and Rosalind Taylor.


2. Nick Shaw proposed that the minutes of the last AGM should be approved. This was seconded by Brian Caffarey and endorsed by the meeting.


3. No matters were raised.


4. Rosemary Johnson reflected on the Trust’s substantial achievements since last autumn when Chris Ingram had announced his decision to step away from involvement in the running of the Club and had challenged fans to play a greater role. These achievements included: open and transparent communications with supporters through avenues such as the Trust’s website, newsletters and leaflets; working with the Supporters’ Club to achieve a single, unified supporters’ organisation under the Trust’s banner; establishing a firm financial footing for the Trust; setting up the Boost the Budget scheme, thus enabling the Trust to commit to providing at least £20,000 this year as an addition to the playing budget and in return for shares, with the Trust already becoming the second largest shareholder; and working with, and gaining the confidence of, the Club Board, leading to an invitation to the Trust to nominate a Director to sit on the Woking FC Board.

5. Looking to the future, Rosemary mentioned that the new Trust Board would aim to change the Trust’s constitution so that all Board members would be elected. It would also wish to expand the support given to the Trust Board through working groups and improve the Trust’s administration.

6. Rosemary ended by thanking individually all the Board members and those who had regularly attended Board meetings for their work over the past year, together with Hazel Long and Jennifer Tombs, who had provided valuable assistance.


7. George Burnett said that it had been rewarding to have been involved in the Trust’s work at such an exciting time. He brought the meeting up to date with the current membership figures. In theory, there were 406 Trust members, including 15 under the age of 16. So far 265 members had paid their subscriptions for 2011-12. Some of those who had not paid had initially joined the Trust in 2008 when it was essentially a vehicle permitting the Club to offer shares for purchase. He hoped that membership would increase to nearer 400 – which would compare favourably with recent membership of the Supporters’ Club.

8. The Trust now held over 2,800 shares and would rapidly increase its shareholding in exchange for further Boost the Budget and other contributions made to the Club. There was no doubt that the Trust was now an extremely important feature of the Club and that this was recognised by the Club Board.

9. In response to questions from the floor, it was confirmed that the Trust Board would take fully into account in purchasing shares the future capital contributions but that these were minimal because of the sliding scale which operated in relation to capital contributions.


10. Alan Barnes briefly introduced the accounts for the year to 31 May 2011, copies of which had been circulated. He said that, although the Trust was not required to have its accounts formally audited, they had been produced independently by Gareth Barnbrook of Barnbrook Sinclair, Chartered Accountants, who was a long-time supporter and sponsor of the Club. Alan emphasised that most of the Trust’s financial transactions to date did not figure in these accounts since the Boost the Budget income had largely started subsequently. He also explained that it was planned to set up a new account, so that the Boost the Budget funds could be kept entirely separate from other Trust income and expenditure. Finally, the new Treasurer would be establishing a strong team to provide financial support.

11. In response to a question from the floor, Alan explained that the expenditure of £300 for ‘accountancy’ represented the fee paid to Gareth Barnbrook for producing the accounts. This fee fell far short of the work Gareth had undertaken, including setting up systems for future years.


12. Arthur Adey proposed that the accounts should be accepted. This was seconded by Phil Davies and endorsed by the meeting.


13. The following nominations had been received for these three posts:

Chair – Rosemary Johnson (nominated by Nick Shaw and seconded by Jennifer Tombs)
Secretary – George Burnett (nominated by Alan Barnes and seconded by Hazel Long)
Treasurer – Darren Garner (nominated by David Potter and seconded by Mark Smith)

14. Rosemary Johnson, George Burnett and Darren Garner were duly elected to fill these three posts.

15. It was announced that Nick Doyle, Peter Holdsworth, Ian Nicholson and Martin Oakley would become co-opted members of the full Board; and that Nick Shaw would be invited to attend all meetings.


16. Phil Davies proposed that Gareth Barnbrook should be asked to prepare the 2011-12 accounts. This was seconded by Nick Shaw and approved by the meeting.


17. Rosemary Johnson invited Ian Nicholson and David Potter to introduce a discussion focusing on ideas for taking forward the Trust and Club.

18. Ian reflected on the huge change in atmosphere which had occurred, both on and off the field, in the space of a few months. Chris Ingram’s prospective departure had induced fearfulness about the Club’s future and a mid-table position had not augured well for achieving a play-off place. In contrast, there was now a sense of optimism and togetherness, resulting from the positive attitude of management and players, an engaged and hard-working Club Board and a vibrant supporters’ trust. The fans’ commitment had been demonstrated through support for the Boost the Budget scheme and in other ways, and players commented on the friendly, ‘family’ feel of the Club. It was important to sustain and build on the progress made.

19. David Potter entered a plea for more help with, and support for, fundraising events such as Quiz Nights and Race Nights.

20. In discussion the following main points were made:

  • Volunteers – there was a need to increase the number of volunteers since the burden still tended to fall on the same people at present. It was reported that a volunteering initiative was to be launched shortly by the Club, including creating a database
  • Publicity – it was felt that more publicity was needed to try to attract back to Kingfield some of those fans, especially from ‘outlying’ areas, who had ceased to attend matches in recent years
  • Fundraising events – it was suggested that some well-known names should be used for these events but some of the practical difficulties were explained, including the fees invariably demanded and the limitations imposed by the Cardinals’ Bar in terms of size and catering facilities
  • Amending Club’s Articles – the provisional timetable for re-drafting the Articles and holding an EGM and AGM was outlined
  • Relieving pressure on the Club/Club Board – the hope was expressed that the Trust might be able to relieve pressure on the Club/Club Board by taking on some responsibilities where this was practicable and sensible
  • Superloot – the Trust would be discussing with the Club what, if any, action might be needed to give a boost to Superloot.

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