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Boost the Budget – helping everyone to play their part

Ian Nicholson - 8th January 2012

Boost the Budget – helping everyone to play their part

‘Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; it is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.’ (Andrew Carnegie)

Exceeding Expectations

It is just over 6 months since The Cards Trust launched the ‘Boost the Budget’ scheme which enables ‘ordinary’ fans to contribute financially, from £10 a month, to the playing budget. As individuals most of us feel we can make little impact but together we have made a hugely positive and measurable difference.

    The Cards Trust, representing Woking fans, is now the second biggest shareholder.
  • The Trust has, for the first time, a representative on the Club Board, which runs Woking FC.

  • We have committed to contribute, as a minimum, £24,000 to this season’s playing budget. This will add a minimum of £600 a week to bring extra quality to the team.

If you are one of the 150+ contributors to ‘Boost the Budget’ – THANK YOU! Over £2000 a month is currently being given, supplemented by a number of generous one off donations.

What next?

Well firstly we want to help finish the job for this season by winning promotion. The great response to BtB has meant that the Trust has been able to offer additional help to enable the manager to get some key loan players such as Keiran Murtagh. This will become even more critical as injuries and suspensions take their toll.

Secondly we are starting to build a foundation to be competitive and successful next year. Every penny that is given to ‘Boost the Budget’ is guaranteed to be used to buy or maintain shares and also increase the size of the playing budget.

‘Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.’ (Henry Ford)

This season has been great fun – success and quality on the pitch, a great Academy and Community department and crowds increasing steadily; Woking FC is a club to be proud of. Obviously the players and management team have been fantastic and the Chairman and Board have worked very hard on our behalf. However we, the fans, have also played a big part in the success and perhaps, most importantly, we are all working together.

The last year has exceeded expectations – let’s keep it going!

How you can be involved?

  • Please give generously to the BtB bucket collections – the next collection is scheduled for Easter Monday when we play Tonbridge Angels

  • If you haven’t signed up yet and are able to afford upward of £10 a month please do as soon as possible – forms are in the club shop or can be downloaded here

  • Overseas supporters can now contribute via Paypal (

  • Please support Cards Trust fundraising events such as Race and Quiz Nights – the evenings make a big difference, introduce others to the club and are really well run

  • If you are already contributing perhaps consider whether you could increase your contribution by a small (or large!) amount for next season

  • Our ambition would be to have another 75 regular BtB donors by the start of next season and to be seeing up to an additional £1000 a month coming in through increased donations

  • Thanks again

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