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News from the latest Trust Board Meeting

Peter Holdsworth - 15th January 2012

News from the latest Trust Board Meeting

The latest meeting of the Cards Trust Board was held on Wednesday 11th January at Kingfield.

Some of the main points included:-

Chairs Report

  • The Club’s AGM for shareholders will be on Monday 23rd January. The Club Board has asked the Trust for a nominee at the meeting who will represent the Trust’s shareholding. It was agreed that Darren Garner should act as the Trust’s nominee.

  • The Trust has contributed a further sizeable sum to help with the recent increase in the Club’s players’ budget.

  • The Club Board continues to work on the identification of a very small number of troublemakers who have damaged the Club’s reputation. None of those supporters who are currently banned are members of the Trust.

  • As a result of an issue at Dover Athletic regarding access for disabled supporters a member of the Trust is now contacting all clubs in the league in order to gather information on their policies with respect to disabled fans.

  • The Club’s ‘Perception Survey’ results have been presented to the Board and include information on those supporters who are considering joining the Trust. It was agreed that the Trust should draft an appropriate e-mail to be sent to these supporters by the Club on the Trust’s behalf. The Trust will request that the Club be requested to provide a summary of the survey outcomes on the Club website

  • The Club has requested that the Trust should consider making a contribution towards the funding of necessary grounds maintenance equipment. The Trust Board agreed, in principle, to make a small contribution that will not be taken from ‘Boost the Budget’ funds.

Boost the Budget
  • The Trust’s recent bucket collection raised £650.

  • The Trust will have a presence (table, banners, leaflets etc) at the four home games from 17th March.

  • There will be a further bucket collection on 9th April. The Trust will consider matching funds collected up to an agreed amount. Matched funding will need to come from other funding streams and not BtB.

  • The Trust will be working is on a new BtB video.

  • A new leaflet will be produced itemising options for further support of BtB.

  • The trust have committed to providing the club with £24k in funds this year from BtB donations. This will be via capital contributions on existing shares and the purchase of additional shares.

  • BtB will target by the end of the season 50 new BtB donors and 50 current members to increase their subscriptions by £5 per month.

Fund Raising
  • There will be a fund raising meeting next on 2nd March. The Trust’s next fundraising event will be a Quiz Night with a possible further Race Night.

  • It was also agreed to explore the possibility of running some Saturday evening events next season.

Alterations to the Trust’s constitution
  • The Board discussed possible changes to the Trust Constitution and in particular:

    - The requirement to move to a fully elected Board. This will also require an EGM.
    - A possible problem for any rule change will be the requirement for the necessary percentage of Trusts members required to attend any EGM in order to achieve a quorum.
    - Trust Board “service time” and election procedures will also need to be looked at.

  • The Trust has been asked by the Football Club Board to look at the development of and support for Club volunteers. The WFC Survey provides some useful data to support this project.

Membership and Finances
  • Currently the Trust has 338 paid up members

  • 97 members have not renewed their subscriptions

  • The club has significant cash holdings helped by the donation of remaining Supporters' Club funds and BtB donations, with monthly donations for the rest of the season still to be received.

  • Coaches have broken even to date.

Next Meeting
  • The next Board meeting will be on WEDNESDAY 22nd FEBRUARY 2012 at 8.00pm.

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