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News from the Trust Board’s latest meeting

Peter Holdsworth - 29th March 2012

News from the Trust Board’s latest meeting

The latest meeting of the Cards Trust Board was held on 26th March 2012 at Kingfield.

Some of the main points included:

Report from the Chair

  • The Trust will be producing an end of season DVD with proceeds going to the football club in exchange for shares.

  • The Surrey Senior Cup Final is to take place on 9th May with the venue still to be decided. The Trust plans to run a Supporters Coach to the game if the venue is at Sutton and there is sufficient demand.

  • The Trust will look at the possibility of running two coaches to the last game of the season at Chelmsford.

  • The Club Board is considering the possibility of acquiring sponsorship of the Team Coach for next season.

  • For the last home game of the season the Club will be holding a celebration including children’s activities, music and events throughout the afternoon.

  • There was further discussion on proposed articles for the Football Club and arrangements for the appointment of a Director representing the Trust.

Boost the Budget
  • The next ‘BtB’ promotion will be at the Thurrock home game. Leaflets and application forms will be available on tables staffed by the Trust before the game.

  • We have currently a few new contributors and those who have increased their monthly payments.

Alterations to the Trust Constitution
  • Further advice is being sought on the proposed changes to the Trust’s Constitution which will include, if approved by members, the election of all members of the Trust Board.

  • 100 members including proxies will be required to form a quorum and vote on proposed changes to the Trust’s Constitution.

  • It has been agreed that an appropriate time frame to seek approval would be an EGM in September 2012 with the AGM and elections for the Trust Board in November 2012.

Membership and Trust Finances
  • There are currently 350 paid up Trust members including family members

  • There remain 86 members who have still not renewed their subscriptions – all have received reminder letters.

  • The Trust will consider a drive to recruit new members at the start of next season.

  • The Club has still to confirm the exact amount the Trust owes for its Capital Contributions on shares owned

  • The trust has made £700 to date (up to Hampton) on coaches.

Fund Raising
  • There will be no further fundraising events this season.

  • Depending on Club fixtures there will be one Friday evening event in September and one in October (quiz night and race night).

  • The Trust is planning to hold an evening for volunteers in conjunction with the Club in April.

Beer Festival
  • Tickets should be available for the next home game.

  • A list of tasks has been prepared and we now need to recruit volunteers to undertake the various responsibilities.

Next Meeting
  • The next Trust Board meeting will be on Tuesday 17th April at Kingfield.

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