100 Years of Kingfield Gallery

Thanks to Jon Woozley for providing scans of the covers of many of his old programmes to celebrate the 100 years of football at Kingfield. There should be one for every year, except war years and 1922/23 when the move to Kingfield was made.

If you have covers that you would like to add, please contact webmaster@cardstrust.co.uk

Jon created badges to celebrate the 100 years that are being sold to raise funds for Boost the Budget.

100 Years of Kingfield Celebration Pins


Special pins to mark 100 years at the stadium in Kingfield.

113 in stock

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Click on each of the galleries to see each of the covers in higher resolution.

Up to 1950

Up to 1960

Up to 1970

Up to 1980

Up to 1990

Up to 2000

Up to 2010

Up to 2020


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