The 400 Club

400 Club Changes!

To date, the 400 Club has paid out £7,300 in prize money and has given £13,500 to the football club which is brilliant and a big thank you to all our members past and present, not everyone renews!

Because of our success I am pleased to announce that we shall be increasing our draw frequency from quarterly to bi-monthly, so that makes it SIX draws a year enabling us to give a further £450 out in prize money therefore a total next year of £1,350 in the regular draws and plus the £500 for Christmas, that’s a total of £1,850.

So good luck to our existing members and hopefully we can entice non-members to sign up to the ‘400’.

Application forms for 2021 are available below and as they say, ‘you have to be in it to win it!’

Thank you. John Hooker

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