The 400 Club

400 Club January 2022 Update

‘The first draw of the 400  Club in 2022 will take place in just four weeks time.

For a minimum of £1 per month you will be entered into SIX bi monthly draws with prizes of £50, £75 and  £100 and, at Christmas, a special prize of £500.

You can have up to five numbers as can your friends and family. Already a member, then why not take out more numbers? Not a member then why not sign up, you can access a form right here?

The Cards Trust 400 Club is in its 6th year and in that time has paid over £17,000 to support the ‘Budget’ and over £9,000 in prize money.

So, what are you waiting for?

For more information you can contact organiser John Hooker at

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