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400 Club – New Prizes

We know that we are not enjoying the best of times at the moment with ‘lock down’ restricting our fund raising activities. So we thought we would cheer our members and friends up by adding some extra interest to the ‘Cards Trust 400 Club’, so called because when we set it up four years ago, we had (and have) close on 400 Cards Trust members. Just now we have 132 members signed up to the ‘400 Club’ so plenty of space!

We have our 2nd quarter draw due in a few weeks’ time (planned for the 24th June) where we intend to make three additional draws of £100.

So, we are asking you to, for just £12 per year (£1 per month) sign up and if possible sign up your friends, family, neighbours to the ‘400 Club’.

On the 24th June, we shall do the normal draw, (£100, £75, £50) then put the numbers back and do the three additional draws.

The draws will be made by staff at a local charity office (where John Hooker volunteers) using a random number selector. He won’t attend the draw!

Forms are here. You may either post back to John, not to the football club as it is in ‘lockdown’, but to John’s home address.

John Hooker
Wych Bungalow
Wych Hill Way
Woking, Surrey
GU22 0AE


You can email him on and let him know what you would like to do. If setting up a standing order email him a copy, the original must go to your bank. Or if wishing to pay on line let him know the number of units you would like and the amount paid.

The account is ‘The Cards Trust 400 Club’
Sort Code: 40 47 08
Account:  72420333

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