Cardinals in the Community

A Letter to Trust Members

Dear Cards Trust member

Could I take 2 minutes of your time to ask for your help?

It’s been a fantastic season on the pitch – finishing in the Play- Offs for the first time and hopes are high for the future. Behind the scenes things are also moving ahead confidently with ‘Cardinals in the Community’ (CITC), the charity that emerged from ‘Woking FC in the Community’, looking ahead with confidence.

CITC is already working with thousands across the community every month in schools, clubs and projects. The needs are greater than ever but the opportunities are there to work with many more, particularly those facing significant needs. We particularly focus on youth and families but also those struggling with their mental health, dementia sufferers and the elderly.

I know that Woking fans are very generous and many of us give to charity. In that vein we are looking for 100 people who would be in a position to give just £10 a month or more to help us embrace these new openings. Thi s would raise at least £15,000 each year and enable us to do things which otherwise will never happen.

Many people just doing their bit can make a huge difference – would you please be one of the first hundred?

Simply click here or use the QR code and the process is simple

Many thanks

Ian Nicholson

Club Chaplain and Chair, Cardinals in the Community

PS Volunteer time and skills are always needed – from admin to helping with events. Please email me on to discuss possibilities – something to fit everyone and time availability

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