Big News and an Introduction

The Trust received this message:

“I am pleased to introduce myself, John Katz, and my partner Drew Volpe, as the new proposed investors behind Woking Football Club.

As you will see in the statement, there are a few more obstacles to clear, but rest assured that Drew and I are here to stay.

As a bit of background, I have run professional baseball teams and stadia for nearly three decades, and I am an investor with my current team and in two others. Drew has been heavily involved inside the sport business for more than a decade – most recently with his family’s baseball company – owners of three professional baseball teams in the US. Drew and I first met back in 2000 when I was getting ready to work for one of his family’s first team.

We are firm believers in a number of things, but I’d like to highlight a few:

  • We believe that Woking is a big club. A sleeping giant. Ready to take its place in the EFL.
  • We believe that full-time football (starting next season) is the way forward.
  • We believe that we are merely caretakers and financial stewards of the club; the club belongs to the supporters.
  • We believe in servant leadership, meaning that we intend to continue and grow the great community and grassroots work that the club participate in. Rosemary and Dowse are the beacons for our community efforts.
  • We believe in backing the gaffer, which we are prepared to do.
  • We are here to bring Woking Football Club to the entire community, both on and off the pitch.

Without your support, there is no football club. Your tireless efforts of fundraising and volunteering are appreciated more than I can explain to you. Your support of the club is a big part of the reason the Cards are where they are today, and Drew and I – along with the Board and the management team – are blessed to have you.

The Covid era has brought a host of new challenges, but we will continue to make the best of an awful situation until we can all be together again at the Laithwaite Community Stadium.

Our best to all of you! And come on you Cards!

–John and Drew”

Here is the official press release.

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