The 400 Club

400 Club August 2021 Draw

The Cards Trust 400 Club

The fourth draw for 2021 took place on Tuesday using a random number generator.

£100       Number 246      Stuart Dunn

£75         Number 252      Nathan Conner

£50         Number 160      Sheila Brackpool

Congratulations to the winners!

Because of some ongoing ‘on line’ difficulties with the bank we shall be sending cheques to the winners.

Boost the Budget The 400 Club

Bank Account Glitch – Update

Apologies – we have a glitch on our bank account which has caused some problems with Boost the Budget, 400 Club and other bank payments. You may get a note saying that your payment needs to be re-scheduled.

The Trust is working with the bank to fix this and so, for the moment, you should not need to reset up the payments as the bank has told us it will do this. However, we have been advised that it may take 10 days. Your patience and continued support is appreciated!

(Note that this does not affect payments made using the website system, only the direct standing orders)

Apologies, again for the inconvenience.

Update – 20th September

The accounts seem to have been successfully restored and we are in discussions with the bank about standing orders etc. We’ll report more as the situation becomes clearer.

The 400 Club The Cards Trust

New Sprayer Goes into Action!

John Hooker from the Cards Trust and the organiser of the 400 Club was able to go to the ground this week and see the new sprayer that was funded with contributions from the 400 Club (55%) and Trust funds (45%).

John got to try the sprayer out
John and Kelvin Reay inspected the new equipment.

The 400 Club

400 Club June Draw

The third draw for 2021 took place on the 28th June using a random number generator, see below.

£100       Number 319      Alan Barnes

£75         Number 119       Derek Stevenson

£50         Number 372       Andy Turner

Congratulations to the winners.

The 400 Club

400 Club Next Draw

The next draw for the 400 Club will take place in week commencing 28th June. There’s still time to take part if you are not yet a member. Contact John Hooker to join in.

The 400 Club Woking FC

We’re Spraying Help Around

The Club is planning to work on further improving the playing surface for next season. As well as new mowing equipment there is a plan to acquire a new motorised sprayer. The Trust is making a donation of £5,500 to the Club to pay for the sprayer, with most of the money coming from the 400 Club. Thanks to all that have donated and taken part.

The 400 Club

400 Club April Draw

The second draw for 2021 took place on the 30th April using a random number generator, see below.

£100       Number 128      Derek Stevenson

£75         Number 194       Tony Usher

£50         Number 64          Ian Nicholson

Congratulations to the winners.

Boost the Budget Goldrush The 400 Club The Cards Trust Woking FC

Trust Adds To Club Funds

Thanks to all those that have contributed to Boost the Budget, the 400 Club and have bought Goldrush tickets. As a result of your generosity, the Trust has been able to donate £16,000 to the Club to help with Dowse’s Budget in these tricky times. Although government grants were available for the first half of the season, funds were only available as loans for the second half, so the Club has only (very) limited funds from the sale of streams* and from the Trust. It has been reluctant to take up the loans offered without the income to repay them.

*Note that if you became a Silver/Gold member when it looked as though fans would be allowed back, as they briefly were, you can get streams through to the end of the season without charge. Details are on the Club website here.

The 400 Club

400 Club February 2021

The first draw for 2021 took place today, using a random number generator,
see attached.

£100 Number 158 Jim Fender
£75 Number 177 David Holmes
£50 Number 118 Philip Crawford

Congratulations to the winners.

The 400 Club

400 Club Changes!

To date, the 400 Club has paid out £7,300 in prize money and has given £13,500 to the football club which is brilliant and a big thank you to all our members past and present, not everyone renews!

Because of our success I am pleased to announce that we shall be increasing our draw frequency from quarterly to bi-monthly, so that makes it SIX draws a year enabling us to give a further £450 out in prize money therefore a total next year of £1,350 in the regular draws and plus the £500 for Christmas, that’s a total of £1,850.

So good luck to our existing members and hopefully we can entice non-members to sign up to the ‘400’.

Application forms for 2021 are available below and as they say, ‘you have to be in it to win it!’

Thank you. John Hooker