The 400 Club

400 Club – New Draw Soon

The next draw for the 400 club is planned for the 24th September and so there is time to still enter if you are not already a member. You’ve got to be in it to win it!!

There are forms and more details of the competition and prizes on the website or email

The 400 Club

400 Club Midsummer Draw

After the disappointing news last night, at least a few of the 400 Club members will have smiles on their faces this afternoon!

The June draws took place today using a random number computer generator,

Regular Draw:
£100       Unit number 330            Graham Ham            

£75         Unit number 008             Jonathon Woozley

£50         Unit number 011            Wendy Denty  (replaced 385 as not renewed)     

Lockdown Draw:

£100       Unit number 211            Jennifer Tombs

£100       Unit number 391            Emma Jones             

£100       Unit number 357           Graham Ham 

Congratulations everyone and thanks for your support.

Cheques will be winging their way to the winners asap.

For those that are interested in the mechanics, this is how it was done:

The 400 Club

400 Club Draw – Still Open!

Got the Lockdown Blues? Its not too late to sign up for:

  • 4 x £100 draws
  • 1x £75
  • 1x £50

Total to be won – £525

The Draw will take place on June 24th. Email John Hooker ( if you want to increase your holding, sign up a family member or friend or join up.

You have to be in it to win it!


The 400 Club

New 400 Club Logo

To bring it up to the high level of the Cards Trust logo, we have designed a new logo for the 400 Club, which is run by the Trust to raise money for the club.

There are no other changes (apart, of course, from the extra prizes that have already been announced).

For more information and to sign up, go here.

As well as the main logo, there is a secondary version where the space for a logo is squarer.

The 400 Club

400 Club – New Prizes

We know that we are not enjoying the best of times at the moment with ‘lock down’ restricting our fund raising activities. So we thought we would cheer our members and friends up by adding some extra interest to the ‘Cards Trust 400 Club’, so called because when we set it up four years ago, we had (and have) close on 400 Cards Trust members. Just now we have 132 members signed up to the ‘400 Club’ so plenty of space!

We have our 2nd quarter draw due in a few weeks’ time (planned for the 24th June) where we intend to make three additional draws of £100.

So, we are asking you to, for just £12 per year (£1 per month) sign up and if possible sign up your friends, family, neighbours to the ‘400 Club’.

On the 24th June, we shall do the normal draw, (£100, £75, £50) then put the numbers back and do the three additional draws.

The draws will be made by staff at a local charity office (where John Hooker volunteers) using a random number selector. He won’t attend the draw!

Forms are here. You may either post back to John, not to the football club as it is in ‘lockdown’, but to John’s home address.

John Hooker
Wych Bungalow
Wych Hill Way
Woking, Surrey
GU22 0AE


You can email him on and let him know what you would like to do. If setting up a standing order email him a copy, the original must go to your bank. Or if wishing to pay on line let him know the number of units you would like and the amount paid.

The account is ‘The Cards Trust 400 Club’
Sort Code: 40 47 08
Account:  72420333

The 400 Club

400 Club March 2020 Draw

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The 400 Club

Cards Trust 400 Club Christmas Draw

The 4th quarter draw plus the big £500 draw was made in the bar after Saturday’s game. After a very busy afternoon, the 400 Club draw took place in the Cardinals’ Bar. Dowse drew all the tickets.

  • £500 winner Ian Johnson no 36
  • £100 winner Mike Ramsbottom no 86
  • £75 winner Elizabeth Coley no 394
  • £50 winner Jennifer Tombs no 400

Congratulations to the winners, their cheques will be winging their way to them shortly.
May I thank everyone for their support this year.

Best wishes and a happy Christmas to you all.

John Hooker
Cards Trust 400 Club

The 400 Club

The Cards Trust 400 Club

The third quarter draw for the Cards Trust 400 Club will take place in the bar after the Boreham Wood game on September 28th.

The first number to be drawn will win £100, the second £75 and the third £50.

The 4th quarter draw including the BIG £500 draw will take place after the Hartlepool United game on December 7th.

To date we’ve paid out £4,650 in prize money and have contributed £7,500 to WFC !
Thanks for your support and remember,

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

John Hooker

Cards Trust 400 Club ; \lsdp

The 400 Club

Cards Trust 400 Club Q2 Draw

Cards Trust 400 Club

The second quarter draw for the ‘400 Club’ took place in the Cardinals bar following the Oxford United game on Saturday.

  • £100       Number 217       Brian Cross
  • £75         Number 135       Cornelius Straver
  • £50         Number 005       Stephen Carter

Congratulations to the winners, the cheques are in the post!

The 400 Club

Cards Trust 400 Club 2nd Quarter Draw

The second quarter draw for the 400 Club will take place in the Cardinals’ Bar after the friendly match against Oxford United on Saturday July 13th.

The ’400 Club’ is limited to 400 members including family, friends and neighbours of the Woking Football Club family. You can support the Cards Trust by subscribing to the ‘400 Club’ and automatically be entered into the Draws. The annual subscription is £12.00 per Unit (just £1 per month) payable by Bankers Order, cheque or online.

Prize structure


  • 1 prize of £100
  • 1 prize of £75
  • 1 prize of £50

And just in time for Christmas!

1 prize of £500

A total of £1,400 can be won in prize money each year!

REMEMBER, Membership is limited to 400 but you can have up to 5 units. Forms can be downloaded or collected from the shop.

The money we raise is there to support Dowse and his team.

Come on you Cards!
John Hooker
Cards Trust 400 Club