The Cards Trust

Trust at the 100th Birthday

Thanks to all those that helped man the Trust table at the recent birthday event. We signed up:

  • A number of new members of Junior Cards
  • We sold over £100 in badges, coasters, and other items

as well as signing up new Trust members.

The Cards Trust

The Cards at Christmas

Woking FC supporters and players have been pulling out all the stops for many years at Christmas to help hundreds of people facing challenges in the community.

It began with taking presents to children at our two main hospitals (as well as much needed equipment for the children’s wards). More recently we have provided hampers for the elderly and those isolated at home. Last year was the biggest effort yet in that, in addition to the hospitals, we helped deliver meals and presents to families going through a particularly tough time; there were cheers – but also tears – on the doorsteps!

This year we want to go beyond this and already have lined up food deliveries and hospital visits. Every pound (with very modest Go Fund Me deductions) will go 100% to the cause and the great news is that this year we are operating through Cardinals in the Community, the charity associated with Woking FC. This means if you are a UK taxpayer, 20% will be added to every donation you make.

To donate, go here.

The players will be contributing, the fans will be pitching in and at least two local pubs (thanks as ever to the Olive Tree, Sutton Green and The Dog and Pheasant, Brook) will be giving generously to the cause. We will have a Christmas bucket collection on 11th December at our game v Boreham Wood.
Our initial target is £1500, but, to be honest, we want to smash that. Please give as generously as you are able and get the word out.We will keep you posted as plans develop.

Let’s help make a wonderful Christmas 2021 for those who are going through tough times.

The Cards Trust

2021 Trust AGM

The 2021 Trust AGM will take place at the Laithwaite Community Stadium, Cardinals Bar at 7.30pm on the 10th November.

Here are the pdf versions if you prefer those.

The 400 Club The Cards Trust

New Sprayer Goes into Action!

John Hooker from the Cards Trust and the organiser of the 400 Club was able to go to the ground this week and see the new sprayer that was funded with contributions from the 400 Club (55%) and Trust funds (45%).

John got to try the sprayer out
John and Kelvin Reay inspected the new equipment.

Junior Cards The Cards Trust

Junior Cards

The Junior Cards group is now being run by Adam Bowyer and Gareth Griffiths. One of the first actions was setting up for three members to be ‘virtual mascots’ who were featured in the programme and on the Club match stream.

Rupert Philips thanked John Hooker for his work looking after the group over the last couple of years.

The Cards Trust

Moaners’ Corner Pins

Thanks to all the Woking fans that have bought the Moaners’ Corner badges. We have now sold half of them in just a week!

All proceeds are going to Boost the Budget, thanks to the kind donation by Jon Woozley.

You can get your pin here.

Boost the Budget Goldrush The 400 Club The Cards Trust Woking FC

Trust Adds To Club Funds

Thanks to all those that have contributed to Boost the Budget, the 400 Club and have bought Goldrush tickets. As a result of your generosity, the Trust has been able to donate £16,000 to the Club to help with Dowse’s Budget in these tricky times. Although government grants were available for the first half of the season, funds were only available as loans for the second half, so the Club has only (very) limited funds from the sale of streams* and from the Trust. It has been reluctant to take up the loans offered without the income to repay them.

*Note that if you became a Silver/Gold member when it looked as though fans would be allowed back, as they briefly were, you can get streams through to the end of the season without charge. Details are on the Club website here.

The Cards Trust Woking FC

Fans’ Forum 21st March 2021

Some content on this site is restricted either to Website Free Members or to Trust Paid members. This content is one of those items. If you haven't signed up for a free or paying membership, yet, you can do that here. Or you can go to front page and select register from the menu and register using your Facebook id.

Events The Cards Trust

Fans’ Forum

The Club in collaboration with the Cards Trust is holding an online Fans’ Forum this Sunday 21st March at 3.00pm. The Club has decided to invite Trust members to attend the event. It will be put online for viewing later in the week, on Friday, but Trust members that attend will be able to ask questions of these speakers:

  • Rosemary Johnson – Chairman
  • John Katz – Board Member & Investor
  • Alan Dowson – Manager
  • George Burnett – Cards Trust Board Member
  • Rupert Philips – Cards Trust Chairman

David Holmes will be hosting the event and asking questions which will be gathered from fans. Questions can be submitted by all fans, and will need to be sent, in advance, to, or by sending a tweet to @wokingfc. 

Trust members attending on Sunday will also have the chance to ask questions after the main discussion and presentation. The questions at the end are intended to be informal and are not intended to be included in the ‘broadcast’ version.

The link to the Zoom call has been mailed to members. If you didn’t see it contact . Note that you will be ‘muted’ when you join and it may be worth logging in a few minutes before the start in case of any connection issues. 

The Cards Trust

Development Planning Appeal Update

Following further contact from Rosemary with the planning inspectorate the case officer dealing with the appeals has removed Woking Football Club as co-appellant to the appeal.