The Cards Trust

Changes at the Trust & Club Board

After nearly seven years, Ian Nicholson is standing down from his position as the Trust representative on the Club’s board to focus more of his time on his chaplaincy and the Club’s community reach. The Cards Trust has appointed George Burnett, the Trust Secretary, as an interim representative onto the Club Board until such time as a formal replacement can be elected at a Cards Trust AGM.

Rosemary Johnson, Chairman of Woking FC, commented on Ianā€™s time as a Director

“Ian’s enthusiasm for the club, working with the community, sorting out communications and his chaplaincy have been invaluable to the work that the club does. Ian is clear his support for Woking Football Club will continue but after seven years feels that he needs to reshape his role within the club. I am very grateful for all his support and wise counsel and know that he will always be there when I need his wisdom”.

The Club has also appointed a new head of finance for the club, Sean Carey, who has been very involved with football through his work with Abbey Rangers. The change follows the stepping down of Peter Velati after several years of service.

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