Our Aims

The key aims of The Cards Trust are to:

  • work in partnership with Woking FC to ensure its viability and success
  • represent Woking FC supporters and ensure their voice is heard in decisions affecting the Club
  • provide a range of services and benefits for Trust members and other Woking FC supporters

The Cards Trust Board are working to achieve these aims by:

  • encouraging as many Woking FC supporters as possible to become members of the Trust in order to strengthen its role as the principal body representing supporters’ interests
  • liaising with Club representatives to ensure that the Trust is well-informed, and consulted, about key issues affecting Woking FC and is able to offer its support whenever practicable
  • raising funds and using them as far as practicable to support the Club, and to enhance the Trust’s influence, through the purchase of shares in Woking FC
  • supporting the Club in its fundraising initiatives
  • ensuring that members receive information, and are consulted, regularly about the Trust’s activities and matters affecting the future of the Club
  • using the Trust’s influence in the best long-term interests of the Club and its supporters
  • providing benefits for supporters such as the organisation of coach services to away games and members’ discounts in association with the Club and commercial bodies
  • representing Woking FC supporters in discussions with national supporters’ bodies and other organisations.