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Trust Adds To Club Funds

Thanks to all those that have contributed to Boost the Budget, the 400 Club and have bought Goldrush tickets. As a result of your generosity, the Trust has been able to donate £16,000 to the Club to help with Dowse’s Budget in these tricky times. Although government grants were available for the first half of the season, funds were only available as loans for the second half, so the Club has only (very) limited funds from the sale of streams* and from the Trust. It has been reluctant to take up the loans offered without the income to repay them.

*Note that if you became a Silver/Gold member when it looked as though fans would be allowed back, as they briefly were, you can get streams through to the end of the season without charge. Details are on the Club website here.

Player of the Month

Player of the Month March 2021 Winner!

Once again, the clear winner, with over 40% of the votes, was Craig Ross. Well done, Craig!

The Cards Trust Woking FC

Fans’ Forum 21st March 2021

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Events The Cards Trust

Fans’ Forum

The Club in collaboration with the Cards Trust is holding an online Fans’ Forum this Sunday 21st March at 3.00pm. The Club has decided to invite Trust members to attend the event. It will be put online for viewing later in the week, on Friday, but Trust members that attend will be able to ask questions of these speakers:

  • Rosemary Johnson – Chairman
  • John Katz – Board Member & Investor
  • Alan Dowson – Manager
  • George Burnett – Cards Trust Board Member
  • Rupert Philips – Cards Trust Chairman

David Holmes will be hosting the event and asking questions which will be gathered from fans. Questions can be submitted by all fans, and will need to be sent, in advance, to, or by sending a tweet to @wokingfc. 

Trust members attending on Sunday will also have the chance to ask questions after the main discussion and presentation. The questions at the end are intended to be informal and are not intended to be included in the ‘broadcast’ version.

The link to the Zoom call has been mailed to members. If you didn’t see it contact . Note that you will be ‘muted’ when you join and it may be worth logging in a few minutes before the start in case of any connection issues. 

Player of the Month

Player of the Month February 2021 – Winner!

The clear winner of the Player of the Month vote for February 2021 with more than half the votes was…. <fx:drum roll>……

Craig Ross

Well done, Craig. We’ll get the champagne to you when we can!

Player of the Month

Player of the Month January 2021

We were able to get the champagne for the January Player of the Month award to Jack Cook and Craig Ross after the match against Torquay.

Thanks to all that voted and to Waitrose, Goldsworth Park, for their sponsorship.

Jack Cook & Craig Ross with their Waitrose champagne
The 400 Club

400 Club February 2021

The first draw for 2021 took place today, using a random number generator,
see attached.

£100 Number 158 Jim Fender
£75 Number 177 David Holmes
£50 Number 118 Philip Crawford

Congratulations to the winners.

Woking FC

Development Plan Update

Woking Football Club would like to place on record that it does NOT support the new development scheme proposed by Wayne Gold of GolDev.

The alternative planning application on/adjacent to Woking Football Club does not include a new stand which will be built out or equipped to EFL standard as we require nor has it been agreed by or discussed with the Board of the football club. The new development proposed on site 1 also does not take into account any requirements for safety access to the stand.

The proposal on site 1 would hem the club in and prohibit any improvements to the club on the west side of the ground. What is required is a fully-funded West Stand with associated facilities, which this development does not provide.

Site 2, which involves a new development on properties behind the KRE, is accessed by the Kingfield Road entrance to the ground, and indicates the loss of the gravel parking which is required by the club. Again, there has been no discussion with the club and no indication of the level of traffic movements up a narrow access lane.

With no consultation with the largest stakeholder as to the two new developments, the Board feels that we have to oppose these developments with the extremely negative impact that they will have on Woking Football Club.

Woking fans are able to see some of the proposal at the following link, and submit their comments.

– Rosemary Johnson and the Board of Woking Football Club

Player of the Month

Player(s) of the Month January 2021

The winner(s) of the Player of the Month Award for January 2021 were Jack Cook and Craig Ross who shared identical votes. Well done to both of them. We hope to get their bottles of champagne to them at the Torquay FA Trophy match on the 27th February.

Thanks to the fans that voted and to Waitrose Goldsworth Park for their continued sponsorship.

Joint Winners, Jack Cook and Craig Ross

Woking FC

Vote for a New Badge

The Trust was advised by the Board of the club that there had been a decision to replace the Club’s most recent badge, with a new design that is intended to reflect the changes in the Board of Directors and future plans.

The Club has made the two designs available for fans to vote on on the Club’s website. Votes need to be cast by 6.00pm on Thursday 25th February, with the winner to be announced on 1st March.

One of the changes is an amendment by the Club of its inauguration date from 1889 to 1887, based on research in newspaper archives.

Of course, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic and there were 148 posts on the topic on the Cardsboard at the time of posting this article!

The Club has also given some information about the use of the Woking FC Shield on next season’s kit.