Boost the Budget

HSBC and Boost the Budget

The Trust has finally managed to get things sorted with the bank accounts. Sadly, however, any standing orders for Boost the Budget during the closed period will have been rejected. That will mean that we will have to ask members to re-instate their standing orders as we cannot do it – the account holder needs to.

If you prefer, you can do it on the Trust website using a debit or credit card, that can also work. Memberships are processed using Paypal as the card processor (you don’t need a Paypal account), while Boost the Budget uses Stripe. If you would like to pay your membership with Stripe, contact

Apologies for all the inconvenience.

(An earlier version of this article said that memberships were also affected, but that was inaccurate. Membership standing orders will still be OK. Apologies.)

Boost the Budget The 400 Club

Bank Account Glitch – Update

Apologies – we have a glitch on our bank account which has caused some problems with Boost the Budget, 400 Club and other bank payments. You may get a note saying that your payment needs to be re-scheduled.

The Trust is working with the bank to fix this and so, for the moment, you should not need to reset up the payments as the bank has told us it will do this. However, we have been advised that it may take 10 days. Your patience and continued support is appreciated!

(Note that this does not affect payments made using the website system, only the direct standing orders)

Apologies, again for the inconvenience.

Update – 20th September

The accounts seem to have been successfully restored and we are in discussions with the bank about standing orders etc. We’ll report more as the situation becomes clearer.

Boost the Budget Goldrush

End of Season Goldrush

The Goldrush winning ticket for the Barnet game (£376.50 – ticket #77077) was not claimed so, in accordance with the scheme rules, the winnings were put into the Boost the Budget funds.

(Note an earlier version of this article said that the Maidenhead prize of £317.50 was not claimed but this was in error)