The 400 Club

The ’400 Club’ is limited to 400 members including family, friends and neighbours of the Woking Football Club family. You can support the Trust by subscribing to the ‘400 Club’ and automatically be entered into the Draw. The annual subscription is £12.00 per Unit (just £1 per month) payable by Bankers Order, cheque or online.

‘400 Club’ members can have up to FIVE units.

Prize structure
1 prize of £100
1 prize of £75
1 prize of £50
And just in time for Christmas!

1 prize of £500

A total of £1,850 can be won in prize money each year!

REMEMBER Membership is limited to 400 but you can have up to 5 units.

NB: If 400 members just took one unit then our income would be £4,800 with £3,400 going towards Woking Football Club

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