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Trust Meets with John Katz

The Cards Trust board met informally with John Katz, Rosemary Johnson, Alan Dowson, Martin Tyler and Mick Livesey to discuss cooperation between the Trust and the Club. John Katz was also briefed on the status and activities of the Trust, although he was already aware of the important contribution, in finance and in other ways, by Trust members.

No formal decisions were made, but there was discussion of the changes that John Katz is making at the stadium which are intended to make the ground a more attractive place to visit on match days and at other times. He has a lot of experience in the US with catering and entertainment in the US and has a lot of ideas (although he knows that not every idea that works there will work in the UK!). He also explained that he will be moving to the area in August so that he can devote more time to his work at the club.

Among topics discussed were discounts for Trust members at the Club shop, which will be having a sale. The Club is developing a new online shop service that should mean faster service for online purchases. Unfortunately, the business arrangement for the website mean that the Club doesn’t feel able to offer discounts for online purchases. The Club is also looking to update its website inline with its new identity and the new badge.

All aspects of the matchday experience are being reviewed and the Trust has put forward its facilities for polling fans via its website.

The Trust has agreed the use of Club facilities for some social events, when things get unlocked. The Club is also providing some welcome gifts for Young Cards fans.

The welcome boards at the ground will be updated and the Trust is also updating the ‘Time Line’ outside the bar as it stopped nearly 10 years ago.

On the evening following, John Katz also met fans at an informal late-notice event and outlined a lot of his ideas. Alan Dowson also confirmed that he has around half his squad finalised for next season, with a plan to have around 18 players in the squad.

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