Woking FC

Vote for a New Badge

The Trust was advised by the Board of the club that there had been a decision to replace the Club’s most recent badge, with a new design that is intended to reflect the changes in the Board of Directors and future plans.

The Club has made the two designs available for fans to vote on on the Club’s website. Votes need to be cast by 6.00pm on Thursday 25th February, with the winner to be announced on 1st March.

One of the changes is an amendment by the Club of its inauguration date from 1889 to 1887, based on research in newspaper archives.

Of course, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic and there were 148 posts on the topic on the Cardsboard at the time of posting this article!

The Club has also given some information about the use of the Woking FC Shield on next season’s kit.

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