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Well Done, Winners!

Well done to Liam Rodgers (age 6) and Justin Murrells (age 9) who won the Junior Cards writing competition. John Hooker visited signed Woking FC Footballs and other ‘bits and pieces’ as prizes.

A Woking FC Christmas Tail (by Liam Rodgers)

One day I was walking home from school with my dad. And I saw a cat. The cat looked sad; the cats name was KC Kat. I asked KC Kat ‘what’s wrong’?

He said, ‘I am lost, and I live at Kingfield Stadium’. ‘Me and my dad will take you home’. KC Kat said ’I can’t wait to get home to see my dad, his name is Dowse. I need to help him wrap presents for everyone who supports Woking FC for Christmas’.

‘My dad Dowse dresses up as Santa Clause, he got stuck in the Chimney because he ate too many minced Pies’ KC Kat said.

I love Santa Clause; he brings me presents on Christmas Eve.

We took KC Kat back to Kingfield Stadium and rang the doorbell. The door opened and there he was, Santa Clause! ‘Ho Ho merry Christmas’, me and KC Kat was so excited.

Then Santa took off his hat and then pulled down his beard. It was Dowse dressed as Santa again.

KC Kat got home safely. Mr Dowse said ‘thankyou very much and remember to be a good boy because the real Santa will be on his way very soon. Ho Ho!

208 Words

A Christmas story at WFC by Justin Murrells

It was an early morning on Christmas Day and Alan Dowse was there getting things ready for the children to arrive. Unfortunately, KC Kat was stuck in traffic and Alan was struggling to put up all the decorations and wrap the presents.

Alan decided to call all the players to come and help out. All the players turned up to help out but the sun was setting and were all running out of time. Then with a magical moment, my granddad with his WFC top on helped out to make it final.

All was quiet on the Christmas evening, all the presents was wrapped and all the decorations were up. The doors burst open to the Club and the children ran with KC Kat being lifted and carried in to get ready to party.

Everyone had a wonderful time at WFC and look forward to the next party.

The End

158 words

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