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Woking FC Spectators’ Code

Woking FC Spectators’ Code of Conduct

This following has been based upon SG02 guide with our own observations included and forms the Woking FC Spectators’ Code of Conduct.

In order to assist our staff and staff and stewards, and help to protect you and your fellow spectators, you are kindly requested to follow this guidance to ensure everyone is as safe as we can possible be. 

  • If you are suffering with a new continuous cough, a high temperature over 37.6C, a change in taste or smell, diagnosed with suffering with symptoms of Covid- 19, knowingly been in recent contact with anyone suffering with Covid-19 or have been directed to isolate by the NHS, DO NOT attend the Laithwaite Stadium 
  • Do not attend any Woking FC match or event if you reside in a current Tier 3 area or subject to local ‘lockdown’ restrictions.
  • Before you travel, check what amenities are available in the zone you are in, that you can access what you require and which gate you MUST enter.
  • Upon arrival at the Laithwaite Stadium, look for the socially distanced painted feet on the ground and keep to the spacing when going through the entry points into the ground.
  • Our capacity is based on the 1M+ guidance so you are requested to wear a face mask while around the stadium.
  • At all times and in all parts of the ground, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others NOT in your social bubble.
  • Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary procedures at the correct entry point.
  • Be aware your temperature will be taken as a condition of entry.  If it is too high (37.6c) you will be denied entry on the grounds of public safety.
  • Make sure in advance you know where your entry point is and how to navigate around the facilities in your area.  Each area will be restricted as to where you can go.
  • Follow the painted arrows or signs to get to your designated viewing space.
  • Please note that inside the Laithwaite Stadium, contactless payment will be the primary choice of payment.
  • Under current guidance the bars will be closed.  Do not bring alcohol into the ground and do not bring in drinks in cans or glass bottles. 
  • Familiarise yourself with any one-way systems or routes around the ground.  The route you have always used may no longer be viable.
  • Remain in your seat or terrace section at all times where possible.  Less movement is less chance of a transmission.

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